Sending a fun new baby gift to a friend or colleague

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When a friend or colleague has just had a baby, it's lovely to celebrate the occasion with a gift. Here are some tips to help you choose a great gift. 

Floral bouquets 

A floral bouquet is a classic choice for a new baby. Unfortunately, the bouquet that you gift may blend into the background if the new parents are overwhelmed with generous gifts from other friends and acquaintances, especially if you don't have a large budget. It's also ideal to choose a low scent option so that you don't trigger anyone's allergies. 

Chocolate bouquets

Chocolate bouquets are a great option after a baby is born. There are some beautiful newborn themed bouquets that are colour themed and present similarly to a floral bouquet. They look great and also give the new mum something to snack on when she is feeling exhausted and dealing with the tiring routines of having a newborn baby. They can also be a good thing to share with the new dad, who is often also feeling tired and overwhelmed. They are a relatively unique gift so it will often stand our amongst the more classic floral bouquets and will not trigger any allergies. 

Baby hampers

Many gift providers offer hampers of nappies and other baby supplies. These can be a good way to offer parents a chance to try some new products, but if you are not familiar with the decisions that the parents are making about the child, such as whether to use disposable or cloth nappies or to bottle or breastfeed, it can be easy to choose a hamper with items that are not that useful. The hampers can often have useful travel-sized supplies which can be used to stock a nappy bag for trips out. 

Baby clothes

Baby clothes are a lot of fun to shop for, as they are tiny and cute. New parents are often over-gifted with small newborn sized clothes which are quickly grown out of, so it can be lovely to buy slightly larger clothes so that they can have a good supply as the baby grows. It's also good to feel the clothes and try and find soft and comfortable clothing rather than the scratchy clothes some formal options are made of. 

No matter what you choose as a gift, it's good to find something that suits the parents' needs. Finding a unique and useful gift will be a great way to congratulate the parents on the recent addition to their family.