A Few Tips for Choosing an Under Sink Water Filter

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A water filter that you install under the kitchen sink can mean clean drinking water in an instant, and also clean water for cooking and washing dishes. This is very important for your overall health, and can also ensure that unfiltered water doesn't affect the taste of your food, leave stains on your flatware, and the like. There are many different types of under sink water filters you can purchase, so note a few tips for choosing the best one for your home.


Typically you need to remove a part of the pipes under your kitchen sink and then attach the filter to that open area. Some filters require nothing more than a wrench to do this, but some are much more complicated; they may have a separate faucet for the filtered water itself. This is often done so you can choose filtered water just for drinking, and run water through the filter much less often. In turn, you save money on replacing that filter; however, this separate faucet may require drilling into your kitchen benchtop and sink itself. If this is beyond your scope of abilities, consider the cost of a contractor or opt for a filter that specifically says there is no drilling or separate faucet.

 Separate tanks

Some under sink water filters will have a separate tank because these systems take much longer to filter the water. If you were to turn on the faucet, you may not get fresh water or the water may simply trickle out as it runs through the filter. A separate tank can be filled with water as it's filtered, and then you get water from that tank when you turn on the faucet. This system can mean a stronger filter but you need to ensure you have space under the sink for the tank itself.

Replacement filters

You'll always want to note how long a filter lasts for any system, but look for how many gallons or liters of water the filter will clean before it needs replacing, rather than how many months. This is because each family's water usage is different; if you use a lot of water for cooking, drinking, and washing dishes, you may need to replace that filter much sooner than advertised on the package. Consider the cost of these replacement filters and how often you personally would need to replace them when choosing the right system for your home.