Finger Food Ideas For A First Birthday Party

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A baby's first birthday is an exciting milestone, but it can also be an emotional time for parents. Organising a first birthday party can quickly start to feel stressful as you try to cover all your bases and ensure your baby and the guests have a fun time. Decorations, gifts, a party theme and keeping your baby's naptime schedule will all be at the forefront of your mind, so you may want to consider handing off some of the tasks to others to prevent you feeling overwhelmed.

Food preparation can take quite a bit of time, so why not have a catering company supply a few trays of finger foods? Finger foods are ideal for little hands, and kids can eat these foods independently, so parents will have time to enjoy a quick bite to eat, too. Here are a few suggestions of finger foods your child may enjoy:

Quinoa And Vegetable Croquettes

These bite-sized croquettes combine protein-packed quinoa and garden vegetables, such as courgettes, carrots and spring onions, with creamy cheddar cheese and egg. The mixture is formed into balls, coated in breadcrumbs and baked until crispy on the outside. They can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Garlic Pitta Strips

Strips of toasted pitta bread are brushed with olive oil and garlic and served with a variety of dips. Kids will love trying out the dips and making their own flavour combinations. Tzatziki, red pepper hummus and guacamole work well with garlic pitta strips.

Carrot And Sweetcorn Fritters

These fritters are made with flour, egg, grated carrots, sweetcorn and fresh basil. The batter is cooked on a griddle in tablespoon-sized portions until the fritters are golden brown. These are delicious on their own, but they can also be served with a sweet chilli or yogurt and cheese dipping sauce.

Mini Tuna Bagel Melts

Mini bagel halves are easy for young children to pick up and eat, and these mini bagels are topped with tuna and cheese before being placed under the grill. Once the cheese has melted, the bagels can be garnished with a splash of Worcestershire sauce and fresh coriander.

Oat Bliss Balls

Bliss balls are raw treats made with healthier ingredients than you'd typically find in sweets. They usually have nuts in them to add texture and pull the ingredients together, but oat bliss balls use rolled oats in place of nuts. The oats are mixed with mashed dates, maple syrup, cocoa powder and a little vanilla. Once rolled into balls, these tasty treats are stored in the fridge. Kids will love the sweetness and getting their fingers sticky.

These are just a few suggestions of finger foods suitable for a first birthday party. If you decide to use finger food catering, you can give them a list of foods your child likes and ask them to come up with a menu for the party.