Reasons to Opt For Woodfired Pizza Ovens

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When most people think of pizza, they will think of take-out pizza that is mass-produced. This is however not how pizza is supposed to be. This dish is supposed to be covered in tangy sauce, dripping in cheese. The crust should crunch in your mouth but still be tender enough to chew. If you have not been successful in finding a pizzeria serving authentic Neapolitan pizzas, not to worry. You can make these pizzas from the comfort of your own home by using woodfired pizza ovens.  

Woodfired pizza ovens come in a myriad of styles

One of the reasons to opt for woodfired pizza ovens is that they come in a range of styles. This gives you the chance to choose between those that are suitable for the indoors or those that would be best suited to the outdoors. If you do not have much kitchen space, you could opt for the precast refractory types. On the other hand, if you would prefer one for the outdoors you would have a wide selection of styles and designs to choose from. Another style advantage is that you could opt to either build one from scratch if you fancy do it yourself projects or you could choose from one of the kits that come readily available in most retail supermarkets.  

Woodfired pizza ovens have a fast cook time

With woodfired ovens, the pizza cooks faster. The temperatures of these ovens can get really high. This is an advantage, as the high temperature will cause the dough to rapidly rise without it losing its moisture. What you get is a crust that is crispy at the bottom as well as the edges, but still tender on the inside. Additionally, woodfired ovens have even heat distribution. With the typical metal ovens that are found in the market, it can be quite difficult to get the heat evenly distributed on the pizza while it is cooking. This is not so with the woodfired types as the heat is distributed well ensuring that the entire pizza is being cooked at the same time.

Woodfired pizza ovens create flavourful pizza

Another thing that makes woodfired pizzas so flavourful is the undeniable smoky scent that they get from the burning timber. This cannot be recreated in a regular oven. In addition, the high heat in the brick oven gives rise to other flavours that cannot be accomplished with slow cooking. It should be noted though that when cooking with a woodfired pizza oven, you should steer clear from using olive oil. This is because the high heat will just burn the olive oil.